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"Dr. Vanek and his staff were great to work with…
I'm very happy with the way my veneers turned out. I'm sure I'll be coming back for a long time"
Tom Benson – Huntington Beach, CA
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"I'm here at Dr-V's office… this is the best place to be, they fix any problem that you might have… lovely staff… The Doctor is such a patient person. Very Professional!"


-Mehrgan Kermani  – Costa Mesa, CA
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"It feels great to finally have nice teeth again. For the first time in 20 years I'm not self conscious about my smile. Thanks Dr. Vanek!"

Denise Borchert – Costa Mesa, CA
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"I always postponed my root canal appointment until it really started to bother me. I was surprised to find out it was as easy as a filling. Thanks Dr. Vanek for my beautiful bright full smile."

Christina Savan – Laguna Niguel, CA
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"I want to tell you about eating a dinner after my dental implant yesterday… Last night I went home with this new implant that Dr. Vanek had put in…that dinner tasted so good because i didn't have to wear some kind of strange thing in my mouth. There is no pain. It really is a blessing… i'm going to look well and feel well and not have to put up with the little attachments… I'll probably kiss better too!"
Anne Denise- Costa Mesa, CA
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"Dr. Vanek did my veneers… & they turned out perfect, painless and easy…"

Shelly Snow – Laguna Niguel, CA
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[about 2003 Shelly came in asking for veneers... I told her she was too young & her teeth were too beautiful, that she should consider orthodontics first. She wanted that perfect smile & was willing to do it right. So, after 18 months in full orthodontics she said thank you and how happy she was, BUT; 2 teeth bothered her so I went ahead and perfected her smile with only two front veneers (saving her tens of thousands of dollars over her lifetime). A few years later she has a bad lower tooth that had to have a root canal. She was now engaged & wanted to get that tooth fixed up for her wedding. We got her all put back together and this is what she has to say about it:]


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 "Dr. Vanek saved my tooth, and I am so happy about that because I really thought he was going to have to take it out! And he did it without anesthetic! He was delighted to give me a root canal without anesthetic. And today I had Mary Ann and she's wonderful and such a nice way to get my teeth cleaned. "

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"Before the procedure I was very aprehensive what the outcome would be… Dr. Vanek assured me that things would be a lot better… I feel like its really more than 100% better for me. I'm able to eat well, I'm able to talk well… I think all around my health has been better… We all have our aprehensions, but in the end they are the experts [at Vanek Dentistry] & I'm much better now for having been there."               Click here to view this VIDEO



"Dr. Vanek helped me emerge from a dark cave into the sunlight of oral health. No one is more frightened of "the dentist" than I, and now after a remarkable transformation I actually look forward to my dental appointments…Words can never adequately express my gratitude to all!"

Robin MacDonald- Santa Ana, CA
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"Well, I want to thank Dr. Vanek for my new teeth, they're great. My self confidence is through the roof! Everyone enjoys them… so have I. I just want to thank him and the team here at Dr. Vanek's office- Thank you Very Much!"

Dr. Juan Gonzalez- Costa Mesa, CA
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"…I just wanted to say how great a job Dr. Vanek did on my veneers and other dental work. Explained everything, all the process & there were no surprises. I couldn't be happier- I've gotten lots of compliments and the front office, Randi & Rachel, they are great! Made everything smooth as far as appointments & making me feel comfortable. I couldn't recommend Dr. Vanek any more highly. If you need a dentist please use Dr. Vanek."

Chris Rogers- Newport Beach, CA
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"I had a chipped tooth, I came in, Dr. Vanek fixed it up right away for me. I didn't feel a thing!"

Tricia Kowalski- Santa Ana, CA
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"…when I first chipped it in half it was horrifying! I was traumatized…I just finished with Dr. Vanek and even though I was in a temporary no one knew … Now I have my brand new veneer…It's Perfect!"

Kerri Strunk – Long Beach, CA
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"Dr. V is a great dentist!! Whether it's a routine cleaning or a root canal, he keeps his patients informed every step of the way. His office staff is also helpful and friendly.

P.S. – You can watch a movie while you get your treatment!! It lessens the anxiety of dentist visits for me!"
Stephanie Pareno – Irvine, CA



"Thank you so much for improving my smile before I left for Hawaii and Fiji. My close friends noticed the difference and say you did a flawless job, I agree."

Tiffany J. – Laguna Beach, CA
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"I have just had work on me completed by the most Wonderful Dentist Dr. Vanek. I had a root canal done about five years
ago… [it] had problems, swelling periodically… no dentist could figure out why [until now]. Dr. Vanek took Xrays, checked it out, anyalized it, redid some work on it & It IS Perfect! & I can't recommend him higher ! He's the best!"

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I'm Barb M. From Dallas, Texas. I flew in to California to have an implant done by Dr. Vanek. I'm just so happy with the results. If I'm ever in California again, making a trip from Dallas, I will certainly make my dental appointment with Dr. Vanek.

Barb Mitori, Dallas TX

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"I've been with Dr. Vanek for many years now… my fillings and crowns went great, but I was apprehensive about getting DENTAL IMPLANTS. I took his advice, and everything has turned out VERY well, with no problems & I couldn't be more pleased with the results."

Paul Manola – San Juan Capistrano, CA
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"I just had a filling done and I asked if any of his other patients had ever clapped for him…because it was so easy."

Patty Grothus- Corona Del Mar, CA
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"I'm very happy to be here today at Dr. Vanek's office. I had my teeth cleaned with Mary Ann and she was very gentle, nice… and my experience was just amazing!"

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"Dr. Vanek has changed my life! the last dentist didn't have any patience… I literally got up and hit [the last dentist]… Eric Vanek has been a very patient person with me and I can't even begin to say thank you or how much I appreciate him and his patience. Excellent Doctor."

Robert Morgan – San Fernando (Valley), CA




"I came in to see Dr. Vanek about 6 months ago…

I decided to do INVISALIGN, its been great and really easy!"
Liz Landon – Santa Ana, CA

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"I visited Dr-V for the first time last year…

My Dad said I had to give up my binky to go, but he has great cartoons so it was worth it."
Jordan Harvie – Irvine, CA



"Dr. Vanek is precious. He makes a normally uncomfortable experience bearable. I think he is wonderful & I love how he explains the steps with such enthusiasm…"

Agnes Berkowitz – Laguna Woods, CA
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"I just got my final dental implant work with Dr. Vanek & as always it was painless and wonderful.

It feels great, it looks great & I'm really happy! AND I love his prices too! Thanks."
Ted Connor – San Juan Capistrano, CA
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"I had Dr. Vanek do an implant in the front of my lower jaw… it was sore for 10-15min… I haven't had any pain since! Its been wonderful."

Valerie O'Grady – Laguna Woods, CA
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"Hey Everybody… my name is Steven, I came in today to see Dr. Vanek… his shots are so good and pain free… he worked on me and fixed a chipped tooth in the front and I fell asleep EVEN while he was giving me an injection…. So I highly recommend him- you'll get his point :) " "

Steve Miranda – Orange, CA
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"I just want to say a few words about [Dr. Vanek's hygienist] Mary Anne. I think she did an exceptional job… very-very thorough…she was very concerned about my comfort… One of the best things I've ever done was to walk into this office."

H.F. Enrico Bottieri – Fountain Valley, CA


"I'm a patient of Dr. Vanek's and I just had a permanent crown…. the best fit of my life… again I'm happy, as usual."


Jeff Willert – Laguna Niguel, CA




"…they have a happy work enviornment…my fillings didn't hurt…Dr. Vanek is a cool guy"

Dan E. – Newport Beach, CA
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"Dr. Vanek is great. My dental implant on the front tooth was A WALK IN THE PARK. I was told by other dentists I would have to wear a denture as a temporary. Dr. Vanek gave me my tooth back on my first visit!"

Joe F. – Mission Viejo, CA



"Dr. Vanek recently did a metal Free Bridge for me and it was pain-free easy. I can finally chew again! I'm so happy to have my smile back."

Jennifer H. – Placentia, CA



"The GREAT DENTIST Dr-V fixed my grinding problem… My teeth were wearing so fast that it was starting to effect my front teeth. So he gave me options that I didn't even know existed. Thanks, they feel great…"

Eric Harvie – Irvine, CA
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 "My husband reviewed his INVISALIGN orthodontic before/after sequence with Dr. Vanek and decided to go for it…"

Denise Davies – Costa Mesa, CA
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