Plaque and Tartar Control

Patients often confuse plaque and tartar. This post will explain how they are related to each other. PLAQUE is a sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria that is constantly forming on teeth. Saliva, food and fluids combine to produce these deposits that collect on teeth and where teeth and gums meet. It is removed easily (not by [...] Read more »

Fluoride FACTS

Hello again… as your well informed dental expert I am here to try and clear up the issues involving Fluoride usage for disease prevention once and for all. Fluoride usage has become controversial over the years although it is one of the most proven and effective forms of disease prevention invented by humankind. It is [...] Read more »

AOT For Me? – (raise your dental IQ Part IV)

Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (A.O.T.) < Ameloblastoma < Dentigerous Cyst Why are we talking about this today? Well, its important to realize that dentists aren’t just ‘tooth carpenters’ these days (well, at least the good ones aren’t…). We are doctors not only of the mouth, but of the entire head and neck. That’s right! Believe it [...] Read more »


  “In times of change, it is the ‘learners’ who will inherit the earth; while the ‘learned’ will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists” Al Rogers Born: Dec. 3, 1919.   Died: May 22, 2011 LASERS in Dentistry We're going to learn about lasers today! Everyone who has seen the movie Star [...] Read more »

Trouble Sleeping? take this test…

Its a household word, right? Sleep Apnea is a common condition on the rise in America. As we increase our awareness, lets review some info… (if you are impatient like me,  here is the TEST that I promised) Apnea is the Greek word for "without breath." If you stop breathing, an "apneic event" occurs when [...] Read more »

DID YOU KNOW ? (raise your dental IQ PART III)

There are a lot of things that we do wrong as dentists… THATS RIGHT! I SAID IT! I’M ADMITTING FAULT! The ‘latest’ news comes and goes, becomes part of our general understanding, or what I like to call our “Dental IQ” & then us dentists forget that some of these newsworthy items are still new [...] Read more »

White Spots (raise your dental IQ Part II)

In reponse to my patient Stephanie’s great question… “What’s the cause of white spots in people’s teeth?  I don’t have any but just a question. Best Wishes, Stephanie UCLA School of Law J.D. Candidate, c/o 2012” Great Q… I think I’ll make my response my next blog!  (so excuse my lengthy response)   White spots [...] Read more »

The CHOPPER Says… about Diet & Your Teeth

As a dentist its amazing to see the negative health effects that so-called "Nutrition Experts" have helped inflict within the United States. We are in an obesity crisis which in my opinion is largely an issue of education & motivation. Its simple… we should just listen to "TheChopper" I've recently come across a page with [...] Read more »