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A beautiful smile radiates confidence, youth, and vitality. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Vanek has taken courses to become a profound practitioner of implant dentistry in addition to the general dentist solutions offered by Vanek Dentistry. Dr. Eric Vanek is the premier teeth whitening dentist in Costa Mesa, CA and tailors his procedures based on the age, needs, and goals of each patient.

By blending art with science and by being focused on improving your quality of life, we also offer the following services to improve your confidence by enhancing your beautiful smile

  • Teeth Whitening

    Patients throughout the Costa Mesa area trust Vanek Dentistry to whiten their teeth and brighten their smiles. A bold white smile is both friendly and welcoming. It can completely change someone’s appearance. Especially as people age it is important to keep smiles fresh and white to appear more youthful and invigorated.

    Our Teeth whitening service is a high-demand dental procedure and we offer multiple solutions for our patient’s teeth whitening needs, including in-office and at-home procedures. Our dental treatments are safer than vigorous brushing which can cause people to strip the enamel from their teeth.

    Take Home Whitening Kits

    Many of our patients want to keep their teeth bright in between visits. We offer in home whitening kits that are more powerful than what you can find in the store. Call our dental office to speak with a Vanek Dentistry team member and schedule an appointment to buy your very own in-home whitening kit.

    QUESTION – What is the teeth whitening process?

    ANSWER – Teeth Whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel. Dental bleaching systems use an effective whitening solution retained in a custom-fitted mouthpiece that is worn over your teeth for 1-4 hours per day, or even overnight. Many people notice an immediate whitening of their teeth in just a few hours of bleaching time, but it usually takes between 20 – 40 hours of cumulative bleaching time to complete the whitening process (this is true for all at-home dental bleaching systems, no matter who the manufacturer is). You can break your hours into just a few days (for people who are in a hurry) or a few months (for people who are not). Professional strength whitening gel formulated with 10% carbamide peroxide is the most widely used and most desirable active ingredient in effective dental bleaches.

    QUESTION – How do Teeth Whitening Systems remove stains?

    ANSWER – Teeth Whitening Systems will remove most stains with a gentle action that whitens your teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel (carbamide peroxide), is broken down, oxygen acts upon the stained organic deposits, which oxidizes them into a white color. This process makes the overall tooth color closer to its natural unstained color. Your tooth structure remains unchanged. Years of clinical tests have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this system. Over 95% of people treated achieve some level of tooth whitening. Crowns, bridges, bondings, and fillings do not lighten with dental bleaching systems.

    QUESTION – What is the treatment procedure?

    ANSWER – An impression of your teeth will be made by a dental professional. You will then apply one of various types of whitening gel inside the mouthpiece and place the mouthpiece over your teeth. You may wear the mouthpieces from 30 minutes to 4 hours per day. Most people see quick results after only a few hours of bleaching time.

    QUESTION – Is the whitening process permanent?

    ANSWER – For most people, the treatment will last for many years. Your teeth have become stained in the first place from consuming certain foods and beverages. Upon the completion of your initial bleaching process, your teeth are restored to their natural white color. Exposure to foods, drinks (especially coffee, colas and red wines), smoking and other consumables will gradually darken teeth again over time. You may want to periodically bleach your teeth. After an initial treatment, most people do touchups about once every 6-12 months.

    QUESTION – How important are moldable mouthpieces?

    ANSWER – Very Important. Having a moldable mouthpiece is essential to assure proper bleaching results. Non-moldable mouthpieces or “Strips” may cause inconsistent bleaching or spotting on the teeth and they are uncomfortable to wear.

    QUESTION – I already have a set of mouthpieces. Can I buy just the whitening gel?

    ANSWER – Yes, most dental professionals carry “update kits” of 10% Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel separately. This refill gel is the same strength that is sold in complete kits. It can be used with any dental tray in the same way as your previous whitening gel.

    QUESTION – What causes tooth discoloration?

    ANSWER - There are many causes. The most common include consumption of foods, coffee, tea, wine, sodas and smoking. In other words, our teeth naturally get more and more stained as time goes on and we continue to live our lives.

    QUESTION – Who may benefit from tooth whitening?

    ANSWER – Almost everyone. However, there are some cases where treatment may not be effective. Tooth lightening is ideal for patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth and would like a whiter, brighter smile. NOTE: Tetracycline discolorations can be unpredictable and are usually not greatly responsive to dental bleaching, although the clinical photos at left are of a tetracycline stained patient treated by Dr. Vanek.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    As a cosmetic dentist, we offer a variety of services including dental veneers that can be used in a variety of dental procedures to make smiles beautiful. Veneers turn an imperfect smile into something stunning. They are made from resin composite or porcelain and made at a dental lab, or in our office.

    Patients can use veneers to cover all, or a portion, of their teeth. If the veneer is only covering one or a couple of teeth, the color will be matched to the patients existing tooth color after a thorough teeth cleaning.

    At Vanek Dentistry we recommend veneers for patients looking to:

    • Brighten their smile by covering intense discoloration.
    • Repair chips or cracks in their teeth.
    • Create a uniform smile.
    • Fill spaces in between teeth.

    We meet with each patient considering veneers to discuss the viability of installing them, the patient’s overall oral health, and the steps taken during the procedure. The mold will then be made of the patient’s mouth and the colors selected. The technicians at Vanek Dentistry will create custom veneers with the perfect fit to brighten and enhance our patient’s smiles.

  • Orthodontics and Invisalign Clear Braces

    Dr. Vanek believes that patients of all ages should have access to orthodontics. This can be important for improving a patient’s quality of life and eliminating the pain that is associated with a misaligned jaw. Additionally, Invisalign provides an easy way for patients to straighten their teeth without it interfering with a busy work schedule or changing a person’s appearance. To learn more, schedule a consultation.

  • Smile Makeovers

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