Dr. Vanek and the Practice

Dr. Vanek cites his interesting life experiences and background for all his academic and business achievements. His parents are both Czech and immigrated from Prague in the 60’s. Dr. Vanek was born and raised in California. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in the Geological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara; where he studied Antarctic Geophysics under the director of the Institute for Crustal Studies.

Working in the realm of Oceanographic and Geophysical Science offered Dr. Vanek a lot of travel opportunities throughout the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. His travels included research trips to remote areas of Alaska and Antarctica funded by the National Science Foundation [NSF], a medical/dental mission to Uspantan, Guatemala funded by Helps International, and subsequent travels to New Zealand, Fiji, Chile, and Costa Rica. He also received first place in the Society for Technical Communication writing competition for his article: “Remote Sensing Techniques for the Analysis of Antarctic Ice.

Following his work as an Oceanographic Researcher, Dr. Vanek completed his dental education at Creighton University, School of Dentistry. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, and founded in 1905, the dental school exists as one of the oldest in the country. Through his dental education (and while working as a dental assistant, laboratory technician, & digital videographer), he received experience in many areas of specialized dentistry. He hopes that in understanding the aims of these special areas of dentistry that he can better communicate each treatment option to his patients. In addition to his clinical work, he also devotes time for philanthropic activities to serve those who need special attention (at locations like the Hillside House) and The Sheepfold (Sheltering Homeless Women and Children). Dr. Vanek is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association and the Orange County Dental Society.

Dr. Vanek likes to spend the majority of his free time in and around the ocean. Besides watersports like kiteboarding, he also enjoys artistic pursuits such as photography, ceramics, mechanical and architectural design.

Core Services

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Vanek Dentistry offering services including:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to improve your appearance. A bright, white smile is youthful and energetic. It is a welcome sign that shows people that you take care of your health and appearance. We provide teeth whitening services in the 92626 zip code from our Costa Mesa teeth whitening office. We are in the business of transforming smiles and restoring confidence. While a simple procedure, teeth whitening is most effective when completed in a dentist office. We use modern technology and laser dentistry to whiten teeth by several shades in one sitting. These results are much faster than anything done at home. The procedure is also extremely comfortable and won’t cause patients pain. Our teeth whitening services can be performed quickly, and even squeezed into your lunch break. If you live in Costa Mesa or the surrounding 92626 area stop by, schedule an appointment and watch as your smile looks new again.


As an Invisalign Dentist, we can straighten your smile without metal braces. This is fantastic news for people that want a perfect smile but are uncomfortable with how braces will impact their appearance. Whether a teenager or a working professional, braces can monopolize your appearance and take away from your self-confidence. However, just because you don’t like braces, doesn’t mean you have to keep a crooked smile. Vanek Dentistry uses Invisalign to straighten teeth, the easy way. Custom aligners are created for your teeth and switched out every couple of weeks. The aligners are completely clear so no one will ever know you are wearing them. Our patients are thrilled with their new smiles and you can see our reviews on Google+. Read patients talk about how easy the process was and see photos of their beautiful smiles. The team at Vanek Dentistry is committed to delivering beautiful smiles and Invisalign is another reason why our patients love us.