Trouble Sleeping? take this test…

Its a household word, right? Sleep Apnea is a common condition on the rise in America. As we increase our awareness, lets review some info…

(if you are impatient like me,  here is the TEST that I promised)

Apnea is the Greek word for "without breath." If you stop breathing, an "apneic event" occurs when oxygen levels in the body fall. Depending on your condition, blood oxygen levels can plummet; this leads to serious health consequences.

Sleep Apnea has been linked to:


Heart disease


Liver Disease

Morning headaches

Excessive Snoring


Weight Gain


Memory loss





Traffic Accidents

As age increaases, so does the percentage of people who have sleep apnea. There is no question that lack of awareness by the public and healthcare professionals means the vast majority of sleep apnea sufferers are not diagnosed or treated!

So, what should we do about this? For starters, take this brief 8 question  TEST to determine if you should seek further information. Next, talk to someone (your dentist or primary physician) about it next time you come in. Dentists typically have attempted to treat the cases if applicable by making an intraoral appliance like a 'retainer' that would help position the lower jaw in a more favorable position.  In my experience, this has to be done with special attention to the orthodontic side effects to the jaw and the patient's bite (occlusion).  Nightguards are made in a similar way and its all to often that the patient will not wear the device because its hard to get used to in the beginning. This course of treatment is usless if the patient is not compliant with recommendations. With this in mind I have searched out ways to treat the less serious/severe cases by alternative means.

I have seen much success with this product: Silent Snore spray. If you or a loved one has troubles with simple snoring, I don't think you can beat the risk to benefit ratio of trying the Silent Snore product. I was exposed to this product because I am a snorer and it was driving my wife crazy! Through a family friend we met the creator Dr. Frank & he is an amazing person. I have to tell you, that I tested the results myself with a blind test to see if my wife noticed the difference in my snoring & it works very well. Although I do know Dr. Frank I am not in any way gaining financially for endorsing his product.

Ok, so getting back to the more serious OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) Condition. If you have scored a total of 10 or more on the Epworth Sleepiness Test, consult your doctor/dentist regarding potential solutions. This may  include an overnight sleep evaluation from someone like this:  It can be serious and may be due to extra tissue in the back of the airway such as the soft pallet or large tonsils. The tongue falling back can close off the airway while a decrease in the tone of the muscles holding the airway open could be part of the problem. My last recommendation is that if feel like you may be carrying a few extra pounds you are probably right! Talk to someone who cares and we'll get you on the right track. Regarding overall health and wellness here is a great place to start:

IMAGINE IF fitness.



additional side notes: some additional information can be found at

"The research study, "A New Tongue-Retaining Oral Appliance" by Rosalind Cartwright, et al. at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago was presented at the 18th Annual APSS Convention at Philadelphia in June 2004. The Abstract was published in the Journal of Sleep, Vol. 27, June 2004, 412. The result: nasal breathing can effectively control snoring and mild sleep apnea."

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  1. Willy Hugron says:

    I took your simple test and failed. I know I have sleep apnea. I was tesrted in a slepp study facility. I need to loose weight. I tried a CPAP and a mouth guard both without luck. This is a very underdiognosed illness. We have lease several spaces to spleep study facilities. The business is growing.

    • Dr. Vanek says:

      Thanks for your comments! It took me a while to get through deleting all the spam comments before I found a real person!!! Let me know if you need any help. Glad the survey seemed to be a good confirmation for you.

  2. skip hil says:

    very nice information. keep up the good blog :)

  3. Grant says:

    An ex girlfriend of mine used to stop breathing for up to half a minute at a time. It used to really freak me out, but I had no idea it was so common.

  4. Patrick says:

    I took a look at the test and based on the results, I am not at risk for sleep apnea. Which is good news, as I hear more and more cases of it affecting people and seem to also hear more about its dangers and effects.

    I do, however, am a bad snorer and hear about it often. I was wondering if the snore spray is something that is available to anyone OTC and if there are any dangers or side effects in using it as well as its effective rate in reducing or eliminating snoring.

    Thank you!

    - Pat

    • Dr. Vanek says:

      at only $30 bucks I say you gotta try it and see for yourself. I posted it because my snoring will drive my wife crazy & Silent Snore gives me GREAT results… its very cost effective & OTC (order online). Just google silent snore…

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