Patient Successes

  • Tiffany J – Success

    Tiffany J - Success

    "Thank you so much for improving my smile before I left for Hawaii and Fiji. My close friends noticed the difference and say you did a flawless job, I agree." Tiffany J. - Laguna Beach, CA

  • Dan E – Success

    Dan E - Success

    "...they have a happy work fillings didn't hurt...Dr. Vanek is a cool guy" Dan E. - Newport Beach, CA

  • Shelly S – Success

    Shelly S - Success

    "Dr. Vanek did my veneers... & they turned out perfect, painless and easy..." Shelly Snow - Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Stephanie P – Success

    Stephanie P - Success

    "Dr. V is a great dentist!! Whether it's a routine cleaning or a root canal, he keeps his patients informed every step of the way. His office staff is also helpful and friendly. P.S. - You can watch a movie while you get your treatment!! It lessens the anxiety of dentist visits for me!" Stephanie Pareno - Irvine, CA

  • Jeff W – Success

    Jeff W - Success

    "I'm a patient of Dr. Vanek's and I just had a permanent crown.... the best fit of my life... again I'm happy, as usual." Jeff Willert - Laguna Niguel, CA

  • Valerie O – Success

    Valerie O - Success

    "I had Dr. Vanek do an implant in the front of my lower jaw... it was sore for 10-15min... I haven't had any pain since! Its been wonderful." Valerie O'Grady - Laguna Woods, CA

  • Jennifer H – Success

    Jennifer H - Success

    "Dr. Vanek recently did a metal Free Bridge for me and it was pain-free easy. I can finally chew again! I'm so happy to have my smile back." Jennifer H. - Placentia, CA

  • Joe F – Success

    Joe F - Success

    "Dr. Vanek is great. My dental implant on the front tooth was A WALK IN THE PARK. I was told by other dentists I would have to wear a denture as a temporary. Dr. Vanek gave me my tooth back on my first visit!" Joe F. - Mission Viejo, CA

  • Steve M – Success

    Steve M - Success

    "Hey Everybody... my name is Steven, I came in today to see Dr. Vanek... his shots are so good and pain free... he worked on me and fixed a chipped tooth in the front and I fell asleep EVEN while he was giving me an injection.... So I highly recommend him- you'll get his point :) " Steve Miranda - Orange, CA

  • Ted C – Success

    Ted C - Success

    "I just got my final dental implant work with Dr. Vanek & as always it was painless and wonderful. It feels great, it looks great & I'm really happy! AND I love his prices too! Thanks." Ted Connor - San Juan Capistrano, CA

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